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sainj valley

After many days of relentless work, I felt the need to escape my daily routine. So, I packed my bag and headed back home to plan a trip. With several destinations on my bucket list, I finally decided on Shangarh, a remote and beautiful place near Sainj in Himachal Pradesh. Sainj Valley, located in the Kullu District and near Tirthan Valley, is part of The Great Himalayan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Another appealing destination was Jibhi, a charming hill station near Banjar.


My journey began at night, driving to Jibhi, renowned for its tree houses and stunning landscapes. Navigating the narrow roads from Aut to Jibhi was easier at night, and the long drive was delightful. I arrived at dawn without any accommodation booked, so I took a nap in my car. The morning was beautiful, with birds chirping and the first rays of sunlight glittering on the snow-capped mountains. I then drove to Soja, 5 kilometers ahead of Jibhi, where I found a cozy room in a village home and rested further.

At 10 in the morning, I set out for Jalori Pass, a 15-minute drive, though I encountered a traffic jam. Jalori Pass is famous for its temple dedicated to Jalori Mata, the local deity. I also visited the Nagin Mata Temple, which required a 5-kilometer hike. After the hike, I returned to Soja for dinner and, exhausted from the previous night’s travel, passed out early.

The next morning, I drove to Sainj Valley, stopping to admire a beautiful waterfall along the way. Continuing to Shangarh, a small town near the Larji Dam, I found that it is the last village served by the local bus. Shangarh is known for its pristine meadow, protected by local beliefs that forbid littering and the use of four-legged furniture. Cattle are also not allowed to graze there. In Shangarh, I booked a tree tent, also known as a Belgian tent, which hangs from trees like a nest. The location was so beautiful that it made the entire journey worthwhile. While there are many places to stay in Shangarh, it’s advisable to book online due to its remoteness. This ensures a comfortable and memorable stay in such a serene and picturesque setting.

Shangarh’s charm lies in its simplicity and the profound connection it fosters with nature. Whether you’re trekking through its trails, meditating in its serene meadows, or simply soaking in the breathtaking views, Shangarh promises a rejuvenating retreat that leaves you with unforgettable memories.